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SMSjunction provides Bulk sms & sms Bulk. We are a leading bulk sms providers, bulk sms provider & provide bulk sms sender & cheap bulk sms. To send bulk sms & bulk sms messaging SMSjunction provides bulk sms software. We provide Various Connectivity Options viz HTTP/URL Trigger/SMPP/API's for bulk sms messages or bulk sms sending & bulk sms service. We provide full Technical support for Sending bulk sms or sms bulk messaging & bulk sms services.

We can provide you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk. We can provide you with a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and functional way to send individualised, bulk text messages. We also provide Various Connectivity Options viz HTTP/URL Trigger/SMPP/API's if required to connect directly to our SMS Center (use for any application like client server applications etc) from any software applications or from desktop.

SMS Center (SMSC) Features:

a) Web Based Administration/API
b) Add User/Group (Mobile Recipients)
c) Edit/Delete/View Users and Groups
d) Broadcast single SMS to one or multiple groups
e) Send intimation to a single user
f) Monitor Delivery Status of the SMS with delivery date and time
g) Monitor number of SMS Sent

SMSjunction Benefits:

No SetUp Charge
Delivery Confirmation Reports
No Minimum Purchase Required
No Monthly Volume Requirement
No Hidden Cost
No Port Fees

Network Coverage Map:

RU Russia 7 Bee Line GSM 250 99 KB Impuls

RU Russia INDIGO 250 19 OJSC Altaisvyaz

RU Russia 7 Megafon 250 02 OJSC Mobile Communication Systems-Povolzhie

RU Russia 7 MTS 250 01 Mobile Telesystems

RU Russia 7 Sayantelecom LLC 250 05 Sayantelecom LLC

RU Russia 7 Ulyanovsk-GSM Ulyanovsk-GSM

RU Russia 7 Primtelefone 250 92 Primtelefon

RU Russia 7 BaykalWestCom 250 12 BaykalWestCom

RU Russia 7 BM Telecom 250 07 BM Telecom Limited

RU Russia 7 Don Telecom 250 10 Don Telecom

RU Russia 7 Ermak RMS 250 17 Ermak RMS

RU Russia 7 Far Eastern Cellular Systems 250 12 Far Eastern Cellular Systems - 900

RU Russia 7 Kuban-GSM 250 13 Kuban- GSM Closed JSC

RU Russia 7 NCC 250 03 Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications

RU Russia 7 North Caucasian GSM 250 44 StavTelesot

RU Russia 7 NTC 250 16 New Telephone Company

RU Russia 7 SANTEL 250 01 TAIF-Telcom PSC

RU Russia 7 SCS-900 250 05 Siberian Cellular Systems-900

RU Russia 7 SMARTS 250 07 ZAO SMARTS

RU Russia 7 Tomsk Cellular Communication 250 05 Tomsk Cellular

RU Russia 7 Uraltel 250 39 Uraltel Ltd

RU Russia 7 Yeniseytelecom 250 05 Yeniseytelecom

RU Russia 7 Mobile Communications Systems, RU

RU Russia 7 North-West, RU

RU Russia 7 Orensot, RU

RU Russia 7 Sibintertelecom, RU

RU Russia 7 SMARTS, RU

RU Russia 7 Sonic Duo, RU

RU Russia 7 Tambov Electrosvyaz, RU


RU Russia 7 Ulan-Ude Cellular Network, RU

RU Russia 7 Uralsviazinform, RU

RU Russian Federation 7 Dontelecom, RU 250 10 Don Telecom

RU Russian Federation 7 Ermak RMS, RU 250 17 Ermak RMS

RU Russian Federation 7 TAIF-Telecom, RU 250 01 TAIF-Telcom PSC

RU Russian Federation 7 Ulan-Ude Cellular Network, RU

RU Russian Federation 7 Uralsviazinform, RU.

Note: If there is any specific Mobile Service Provider/Operator which is not currently included in the list, which you would want for sending sms messages, kindly do let us know the Mobile Service Provider/Operator and its country of operation so that we can tie up with that particular Mobile Service Provider/Operator.

Terms & Conditions:

1) 100% Advance with formal purchase order
2) SMS pushed per month will be payable in advance

For Bulk SMS Charges Kindly Contact Us.

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