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Groups Founder

Your Group founder responsibilities
As a Group founder there are several things that you, and only you, can do. For each Group you start you will see a "Manage" link next to it on your Home page. Click it and you'll be taken to the Manage Group page, which allows you to do all of the stuff you need to do as a Group founder, such as:

You can also read about Things you're not responsible for

Inviting members
You've probably already invited people to join your Group when you set it up, but it's easy to invite more people to your Group any time. Click the "Invite" link (next to your Group name on your Home page or the Group Home page) and you'll be taken to the Send Invite page. Now, just type in the Handle of the member you want to invite, press "invite" and the member will get a text message with the invite on his or her mobile phone or pager. And hey, since you're the founder, there's no approval process!

Making your Group public, private, or secret
As Group founder, you'll be responsible for deciding whether your Group is public, private, or secret. This is an important decision but one you can always change via the Manage Group link.

Having a public Group means that your Group appears in searches and your Group Home Page is available to anyone who is a guest or member of SMSjunction -- even if they're not members of your Group. Anyone can join a public Group. There is no approval process.

Having a private Group means that your Group appears in searches but your Message History is only viewable by your Group's members. Additionally, with a private Group, non-members must Ask to Join or respond to an invite from a member (or founder) to be admitted. If they Ask to Join, only you, the Group founder can approve.

Having a secret Group means that your Group never appears in searches. No one but you (the founder) and Group members can get to the Group Home Page. To become a member of a secret Group, you must be invited by a member (or founder).

Here are some further distinctions between public, private and secret Groups:


  • Group name shows up in Searches? Yes/Yes/No
  • Non-members can see Group Home Page? Yes/Yes, limited/No
  • Non-members can see Message Inbox? Yes/No/No
  • Non-members can Ask to Join? Yes/Yes/No
  • Members can send out Invites? Yes/Yes/Yes
Handling membership requests
All your Group's members can send invites to anyone they like. However, as Group founder, only you handle requests to join your Group. So how do you know whether to let someone in? Well, if you don't personally know the "candidate", start by checking out his or her profile.

Once you're ready to make a decision you can approve or deny memberships on either the Manage Group page on or on SMSjunction's Voice Message System. Whatever's more convenient.

Booting bad members
If any members are being disruptive, only you have the power to boot them from the Group. You might want to warn them first with a message to give them a chance to clean up their act. If you decide someone just doesn't get it, you can boot them from your Manage Group page. Find the member(s) who you want to kick out and click the "boot" link next to their Handle. Everyone in the Group will get a text message telling them the member has been booted. The booted member can always request to join again (or be re-invited by another member in the Group) but you're the only one who gets to decide whether they've repented enough.

What you're not responsible for
Group founders do not moderate Groups or approve messages before they are sent out. Anyone in the Group can send a message to anyone else in the Group or to the entire Group. If a Group member is sending too many or inappropriate messages, any Group member can tell him or her to chill out -- but only you have the power to boot a member from your Group.

Changing your status in the Group
When you join a Group, your default status is Active. Active means that you are able to send messages to and receive messages from your Group members.

As a Group founder, if you switch your status to Away, your messages will be available to read and listen to on your Group Home Page under Message Inbox but will not be delivered to your wireless device.

SMSjunction will only send you a text message once you return to Active mode letting you know if you have membership requests to deal with. All membership requests for your Group will be available for you to handle on and SMSjunction's Voice Message System.

Disbanding your Group
You cannot quit any Group you've started. If you decide you no longer wish to manage a Group you must disband it by clicking the "Disband" button next to the Group name you wish to disband on your Home Page.

When you disband your Group, all the members will receive a text message on their mobile phone or pager letting them know that the group no longer exists.

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