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General - Home Page

Your Personal Home Page
Your Home page is customized just for you -- giving you immediate access to anything you want to do on SMSjunction. It gives you the low-down on new information since the last time you logged in (like if you've gotten any new invites or membership requests) and also displays a list of your Groups and Channels so you can get right to them. Your Home page gives you access to:

Also check out the SMSjunction Messenger to learn how to get instant notification of your new messages while online.

Your Alerts
If there's something you need to take care of on SMSjunction, we'll send an Alert (text message) to your mobile phone or pager. If you happen to be online when an Alert comes in, you'll see it on your Home page in your Alerts panel.

Alerts won't go away until you take care of them. You can take care of your Alerts on Alerts may include:
  • Invites you've been sent to join Groups and/or Channels
  • Other members' requests to join Groups you've started
  • A reminder to validate your wireless device or email address
  • A reminder to record your Handle or Group name
Your Updates
Updates are things you should be aware of but don't really need to do anything for. These can be:
  • Whether your request to join a Group has been Approved or Denied
  • The status of invites you've sent out either as a Group founder or Group member.
Your Groups
Within Your Groups and Channels panel you'll see a complete listing of all the Groups you belong to or are the founder of. From here you can:
  • View any of your Group Home pages
  • Send a Message to one of your Groups
  • Invite another SMSjunction member to join your Group
  • Change your status in a Group from "Active" to "Away," or vice versa
  • Manage any Group you've founded
  • Quit a Group for good
  • Disband a Group you've started
Your Channels
Within Your Groups and Channels panel you'll see a complete listing of all the Channels you belong to. From here you can:
  • View any of your Channel Home pages
  • Tell a friend about a Channel he or she might like
  • Change your status from "Active" to "Away", or vice versa
  • Tailor your message options by Channel via Config.
  • Quit a Channel you're no longer interested in
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