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Groups - Member

Being a Group Member - Overview
Starting Groups is fun -- but so is joining them! Basically, there are two ways to get into a Group. Either you can ask to join a Group, or someone in a Group can send you an invite.

If the Group is private you can only get in if someone sends you an invite. However, if a Group is public you can ask to join or someone in the Group can send you an invite.

Either way, once you join a Group you can start sending out messages to Group members -- either from or from your mobile phone. With SMSjunction you can even send text messages from your very own mobile phone.

Getting invited to join a Group
If someone invites you to join their Group, we'll send a text message to your mobile phone or pager letting you know. Just log on to to accept or decline the invite. If you're not familiar with the Group or the member who's invited you, check them both out from your Home page on Don't worry, invites don't expire.

Finding a Group to join
Why not expand your horizons and join a public Group? Click the Search link on the nav bar and you'll find a listing of Featured Groups as well as Search and Browse. You can also click the link to see Most Popular Groups on SMSjunction (the Groups with the most members). Read the first sentence or so of the Group Description, and when you find one that interests you just click on the name of the Group to learn more about them on their Group Home Page.

You can also search for a Group by entering all or part of the Group name and clicking "Search." Remember, private Groups won't show up in your search. A Private Group means membership is by invite only.

Asking to Join
Just click the Ask to Join link (p.s. if you don't see it, you're already a member!) at the top of any Group Home page and your request will automatically be forwarded to the Group founder. (Sorry, requests to join Groups -- unlike Channels -- must first be approved by the Group founder.)

Getting in…or Not
You can tell if your request to join a Group went thru by going to your Home page, where you'll see your request listed in your Updates panel. It will say "pending" until the Group founder either approves or denies your request. If you are approved we'll send a text message to your mobile phone or pager welcoming you in. If you're denied, you'll only see it in your Updates panel. (Hey, wouldn't you rather get the bad news sitting down?)

Once You're In
Now that you're in, the new Group will be listed on your Home page in Your Groups and Channels panel. This panel gives you access to all the things you can do as a member:

View your Group's Home page
Once you have joined a Group you can view the full Group Home page -- including the Message Inbox and Member List -- by clicking the Group name under Your Groups on your Home page.

The Message Inbox contains all the messages to this Group from the past 30 days (most recent message first). You can read the messages, reply to them, or send out a new message.

The Member List shows you every member of the Group, their handle (which links to their Profile page), when they joined, and their status (ie, if they are Active or Away.)

Read/Reply to Group messages
To read messages sent to your Group, click the Group Name under Your Groups on your Home page and you will see the Message Inbox. The Message Inbox contains all the messages to this Group from the past 30 days (most recent message first). You can read the messages, reply to them, or send out a new message.

You may also read your Group messages from the Read Message link on the nav bar. However, since Your Inbox contains all the messages from all your Groups and Channels, as well as all private messages you have received from any SMSjunction members, this is probably not the best way to read messages from one particular Group.

Finally, launch the SMSjunction Messenger from the nav bar and you'll instantly know when you have any new voice or text messages from one of your Groups, Channels or another SMSjunction member. You can use this if you're going to be online for a while and would rather have your messages directed here (instead of your mobile phone or pager.)

Send your Group a message
To send a text message to your Group, use the send message (blue) box) on the left side of each page.

Just type your message in the box and press "Send" when you're done. Remember, since SMSjunction messages are generally meant for wireless devices, your message needs to be short -- 120 characters at the most. Don't worry: the counter just below the message box tells you how many characters you have left.

Invite others into your Group
Once you're a member you can invite others into your Group. You can do this by clicking Invite next to the Group Name listed under Your Groups on your Home Page. You will also see an Invite button at the top of your Group Home page.

Once you're on the Send an Invite page just type in the SMSjunction member's handle you want to invite and press "Send". If you don't know the member's handle you can click "Search" to look for them by as much of the member's handle you know, their mobile phone number, or email address.

If the person you want to invite isn't a SMSjunction member yet, just type in their email address and we'll send an email out to them on your behalf telling them a little about SMSjunction, and that you want them to join your Group. Then, when they join SMSjunction, the first thing they'll see is an invite from you in their Alerts box on their Home page.

You can find out status of invites you've sent in the Updates panel on your Home page. Click the "details" link there to find out specifics.

Change your Group status
When you join a Group, your default status is Active. This means that you are able to send messages to and receive messages from your Group members.

If you decide that you temporarily don't want to receive messages (voice and text) from a particular Group just click the Active button and it will switch your status to Away. You can change it back to Active at any time with just one click. While you're Away your Group messages will still be available to read and listen to on your Group Home page Message Inbox.

Click here to learn how to change your status in all your Groups (and Channels) to "Away" (ie, Do Not Disturb) with one click.

Quit a Group
If you decide that you no longer want to be a member in a particular Group, just click the "Quit" button next to the Group name you wish to quit on your Home page. You won't get any more messages sent to your wireless device, and you'll no longer have access to the full Group Home page. To get back in to a Group you've quit you need to ask to join again (if the Group is public) or be invited back in (if the Group is private.)
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