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Settings - Account

Settings: Your Account Info.
You can update any of the personal information you entered in your Account Set-Up at any time by clicking the Change Settings link on the nav bar. Once in the Change Settings section, use the nav at the top of the page and click "Account Info."

Updating Your Personal Information

Your Vitals
Your vitals include your real name, your sex, your email address, and your birthdate. You can update any of this information at any time. All your vitals except your name and email address are by default public and will be displayed on your profile page. You can always switch them to private if you like.

Please note that the only piece of information we do not allow you to change is your handle.

Your Not-So-Vitals
If you choose to fill in any of your Not-So-Vitals here, they will be available to everyone on your profile page. Your "Not-So-Vitals" include your personal message (type anything you can change it anytime) and your hobbies and interests.

Groups and Channels You Belong to
The public and private groups and channels you belong to are automatically displayed on your profile page. Don't worry: if you belong to any secret groups, we won't display them ever.

Changing Your PIN
You can update your PIN via the Edit Your Account Info page. Simply type in your current PIN, then type in your new PIN. You must type in your new PIN a second time to confirm. Hit "Update" and your new PIN will be saved.

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