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Text - Messages

SMSjunction text messages - Overview
Sending and receiving text messages is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and groups of your friends -- even if none of you are online. Think of text messages as email, only shorter (about 120 characters max) and without attachments. Since SMSjunction text messages are primarily intended for a wireless device (mobile phone or pager), they need to be short and to the point. With wireless messaging, your offline life can be as connected as your online life. In fact, with SMSjunction, you'll never really be "offline" again.

Read below to learn how to make the most of your SMSjunction messaging experience.

Sending text messages - Overview
When you sign up for SMSjunction you can immediately start sending out text messages to SMSjunction Groups and members either from or from your mobile phone. That's right! With SMSjunction you can now send text messages from your very own mobile phone.

Click here to learn how to send voice messages.

Sending text messages via
Sending text messages from is easy -- the way to go when you are already online.

To send a text message via our web site, simply click on the Send a Message link on your nav bar. This will take you to the Send a Message page where you can click on the Group Name or Member Handle you wish to send a message to. You'll see the name or handle pop over into the "to" field. Now, just type your message and press "Send" when you're done. Remember, since SMSjunction messages are generally meant for wireless devices, your message needs to be short -- 120 characters at the most. Don't worry: the thermometer-like indicator just below the message box tells you if you're reaching your character limit.

There are a number of other ways you can send a message from, such as hitting the "Send Msg." link next to any of the Group names that appear under Your Groups on your Home page, or hitting "Reply" to a message in your Message Inbox. If you access Send a Message in either of these ways, you'll see you won't even have to choose a recipient; it's automatically filled in for you!

P.S. Channels are one-way only. This means the Channel founder can send a message out but you can't reply. Two-way communication is what Groups are for!

Receiving Text Messages Overview
You choose where your SMSjunction text messages are sent. Send them to your wireless device (your mobile phone or text pager) when you're not near a computer; the SMSjunction Messenger or your outside email account when you're online.

You can receive a SMSjunction text message from any SMSjunction member you share at least one Group with. SMSjunction service does not allow its members to send text messages to or receive text messages from any address that is outside of the domain. The only type of communication that is allowed between SMSjunction members who have no Groups in common is an invite to a Group. This is to protect our members' privacy and to help prevent spam abuse. Of course, if you have an SMS-enabled mobile phone you may receive SMS from anybody who knows your mobile phone number, not just SMSjunction members.

To learn how to temporarily stop receiving text messages on your wireless device read Change your SMSjunction status: Away mode.

Reading text messages via your wireless device
Getting Started
There are two steps to ensure you get your SMSjunction SMS (text messages sent to your mobile phone). First, you'll need to add your wireless device for use on SMSjunction and enter the validation code we send you. Second, in order to receive SMS you need to make sure that you have signed up for SMS service with your mobile phone carrier. FYI, text pagers are by default already SMS-enabled.

Receiving text messages
Once you have established SMS service with your mobile phone carrier you'll start receiving text messages on your mobile phone. Each time someone in one of your Groups sends you (or a Group you belong to) a text message, you'll see the handle of the member who sent it out, the name of the Group the message was sent to, and the message itself.

Other types of text messages you will receive from SMSjunction include:

  • Notifications welcoming new members who join a Group you belong to.
  • Notifications when members of a Group you belong to quit the Group.
Reading text messages via
There are a couple of ways to read your messages while online at Your Message Inbox keeps a running list of all your messages from the last 30 days. If you want to make sure not to miss a message, the SMSjunction Messenger will alert you when new text (and voice) messages come in so no matter where you are online, you'll always be in touch.

Message Inbox
Your SMSjunction Message Inbox is a little different from a conventional email inbox because you don't delete your messages. All your text (and voice) messages automatically remain on SMSjunction's web site for 30 days from the date on which you receive them. Also, there's no indication whether your text messages have been read or not as you could have read them from your wireless device -- we just have no way of knowing. Think of your inbox as a running list of all the messages you've been sent in the last 30 days.

To read a text message on our web site, simply click the Read Messages link on your nav bar. This will take you to your Message Inbox where you can see all messages sent to you or one of your Groups. These messages will be sorted by most recent message first.

If you only want to see messages for a particular Group or Channel you belong to simply go to that Group's Home page. There you'll see the message inbox just for that Group. Again, this is sorted most recent message first.
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