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Etiquette - Messages

What is SMSjunction Message Etiquette?
SMSjunction Message Etiquette refers to generally accepted ways of messaging on SMSjunction. Since text messaging via mobile phones is a newly emerging application, there are some things we should all keep in mind.

SMSjunction is different than chat:
Remember that most people receive their SMSjunction messages on their mobile devices. Sending out a "who's on?" or "anyone want to chat?" message to a group is really not appropriate unless it's a private or secret group of your friends or a designated chat room.

Message Content:
All SMSjunction messages are limited to 120 characters due to carrier limits. SMSjunction doesn't have control over these limits so messages by default must be short and to the point.

As far as group messaging goes, when you join a group you should make sure to read the group description. Here you'll often find useful information on what types of messages are acceptable and what types are not. Additionally, you should read through some of the group message history before you send a message to get a better idea of what types of messages people generally send out.

Note that if the group founder doesn't like the content of the messages you send out he/she has the right to boot you out of the group. If you think you've been unjustly booted, please send a message to the group founder. SMSjunction has no control over individual group membership.

Message Volume:
Since messages are delivered to members' mobile phones and pagers it's important not to deluge groups with messages. Please keep in mind that most SMSjunction members subscribe to a number of groups and your messages are not the only ones they receive.

If you have more questions about Etiquette you can join SMSjunction Newbies and a SMSjunction representative will be happy to answer them.

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