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All India GSM+CDMA Coverage: Pan India Coverage including Private GSM (Airtel, Vodafone / Hutch / Orange, Idea, BPL, Aircel, Dishnet, Spice, Reliance Telecom, etc), BSNL+MTNL GSM & Reliance IndiaMobile CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP) & Tata Indicom CDMA (Mobile & Fixed Wireless Phones - FWP).

Mobile Operator / Mobile Network
New Delhi GSM Bharti Airtel
New Delhi GSM Vodafone Essar
New Delhi GSM Idea Cellular
New Delhi GSM MTNL
New Delhi GSM AirCel
New Delhi GSM Datacom Solutions
New Delhi GSM Unitech Wireless
New Delhi GSM Shyam Telelink
New Delhi GSM Spice Communications
New Delhi GSM Swan Telecom
New Delhi GSM Loop Telecom
New Delhi GSM Reliance Telecom
New Delhi GSM Tata Teleservices
New Delhi CDMA Reliance Communications
New Delhi CDMA Tata Indicom
Mumbai GSM Bharti Airtel
Mumbai GSM BPL Mobile
Mumbai GSM Vodafone Essar
Mumbai GSM Idea Cellular
Mumbai GSM AirCel
Mumbai GSM Shyam Telelink
Mumbai GSM Swan Telecom
Mumbai GSM Unitech Wireless
Mumbai GSM Datacom Solutions
Mumbai GSM Loop Telecom
Mumbai GSM Reliance Telecom
Mumbai GSM Tata Teleservices
Mumbai CDMA Reliance Communications
Mumbai CDMA Tata Indicom
Chennai GSM AirCel
Chennai GSM Bharti Airtel
Chennai GSM BSNL
Chennai GSM Vodafone Essar
Chennai CDMA Reliance Communications
Chennai CDMA Tata Indicom
Kolkata GSM Bharti Airtel
Kolkata GSM BSNL
Kolkata GSM Vodafone Essar
Kolkata GSM Reliance Telecom
Kolkata GSM AirCel
Kolkata GSM Unitech Wireless
Kolkata GSM Datacom Solutions
Kolkata GSM Loop Telecom
Kolkata GSM Shyam Telelink
Kolkata GSM Tata Teleservices
Kolkata GSM Idea Cellular
Kolkata CDMA Reliance Communications
Kolkata CDMA Tata Indicom
Maharashtra GSM Bharti Airtel
Maharashtra GSM Vodafone Essar
Maharashtra GSM Idea Cellular
Maharashtra GSM BSNL
Maharashtra GSM AirCel
Maharashtra GSM Loop Telecom
Maharashtra GSM Shyam Telelink
Maharashtra GSM Spice Communications
Maharashtra GSM Unitech Wireless
Maharashtra GSM Swan Telecom
Maharashtra GSM Datacom Solutions
Maharashtra GSM Reliance Telecom
Maharashtra GSM Tata Teleservices
Maharashtra CDMA Reliance Communications
Maharashtra CDMA Tata Indicom
Gujarat GSM Bharti Airtel
Gujarat GSM BSNL
Gujarat GSM Vodafone Essar
Gujarat GSM Idea Cellular
Gujarat GSM Loop Telecom
Gujarat GSM AirCel
Gujarat GSM Shyam Telelink
Gujarat GSM Swan Telecom
Gujarat GSM Unitech Wireless
Gujarat GSM Datacom Solutions
Gujarat GSM Reliance Telecom
Gujarat GSM Tata Teleservices
Gujarat CDMA Reliance Communications
Gujarat CDMA Tata Indicom
Andhra Pradesh GSM Bharti Airtel
Andhra Pradesh GSM Vodafone Essar
Andhra Pradesh GSM Idea Cellular
Andhra Pradesh GSM BSNL
Andhra Pradesh GSM AirCel
Andhra Pradesh GSM Datacom Solutions
Andhra Pradesh GSM Unitech Wireless
Andhra Pradesh GSM Shyam Telelink
Andhra Pradesh GSM Spice Communications
Andhra Pradesh GSM Swan Telecom
Andhra Pradesh GSM Loop Telecom
Andhra Pradesh GSM Reliance Telecom
Andhra Pradesh GSM Tata Teleservices
Andhra Pradesh CDMA Reliance Communications
Andhra Pradesh CDMA Tata Indicom
Karnataka GSM Bharti Airtel
Karnataka GSM BSNL
Karnataka GSM Vodafone Essar
Karnataka GSM Spice Communications
Karnataka GSM Idea Cellular
Karnataka GSM AirCel
Karnataka GSM Shyam Telelink
Karnataka GSM Swan Telecom
Karnataka GSM Unitech Wireless
Karnataka GSM Datacom Solutions
Karnataka GSM Loop Telecom
Karnataka GSM Reliance Telecom
Karnataka GSM Tata Teleservices
Karnataka CDMA Reliance Communications
Karnataka CDMA Tata Indicom
Tamil Nadu GSM AirCel
Tamil Nadu GSM Vodafone Essar
Tamil Nadu GSM Bharti Airtel
Tamil Nadu GSM BSNL
Tamil Nadu GSM Idea Cellular
Tamil Nadu GSM Datacom Solutions
Tamil Nadu GSM Unitech Wireless
Tamil Nadu GSM Shyam Telelink
Tamil Nadu GSM Spice Communications
Tamil Nadu GSM Swan Telecom
Tamil Nadu GSM Reliance Telecom
Tamil Nadu GSM Tata Teleservices
Tamil Nadu CDMA Reliance Communications
Tamil Nadu CDMA Tata Indicom
Kerala GSM Bharti Airtel
Kerala GSM Vodafone Essar
Kerala GSM Idea Cellular
Kerala GSM AirCel
Kerala GSM Shyam Telelink
Kerala GSM Swan Telecom
Kerala GSM Unitech Wireless
Kerala GSM Datacom Solutions
Kerala GSM Loop Telecom
Kerala GSM Reliance Telecom
Kerala GSM Tata Teleservices
Kerala CDMA Reliance Communications
Kerala CDMA Tata Indicom
Punjab GSM Bharti Airtel
Punjab GSM Vodafone Essar
Punjab GSM Spice Communications
Punjab GSM AirCel
Punjab GSM Loop Telecom
Punjab GSM Shyam Telelink
Punjab GSM HFCL InfoTel
Punjab GSM Unitech Wireless
Punjab GSM Swan Telecom
Punjab GSM Reliance Telecom
Punjab GSM Tata Teleservices
Punjab CDMA Reliance Communications
Punjab CDMA Tata Indicom
Haryana GSM Bharti Airtel
Haryana GSM BSNL
Haryana GSM Vodafone Essar
Haryana GSM Spice Communications
Haryana GSM Idea Cellular
Haryana GSM AirCel
Haryana GSM Shyam Telelink
Haryana GSM Swan Telecom
Haryana GSM Unitech Wireless
Haryana GSM Datacom Solutions
Haryana GSM Loop Telecom
Haryana GSM Reliance Telecom
Haryana GSM Tata Teleservices
Haryana CDMA Reliance Communications
Haryana CDMA Tata Indicom
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Bharti Airtel
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Vodafone Essar
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM BSNL
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Idea Cellular
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM AirCel
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Datacom Solutions
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Unitech Wireless
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Shyam Telelink
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Loop Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Swan Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Reliance Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - West GSM Tata Teleservices
Uttar Pradesh - West CDMA Reliance Communications
Uttar Pradesh - West CDMA Tata Indicom
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Bharti Airtel
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Vodafone Essar
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM BSNL
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Idea Cellular
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM AirCel
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Datacom Solutions
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Unitech Wireless
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Shyam Telelink
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Loop Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Swan Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Reliance Telecom
Uttar Pradesh - East GSM Tata Teleservices
Uttar Pradesh - East CDMA Reliance Communications
Uttar Pradesh - East CDMA Tata Indicom
Rajasthan GSM Bharti Airtel
Rajasthan GSM Vodafone Essar
Rajasthan GSM BSNL
Rajasthan GSM Idea Cellular
Rajasthan GSM AirCel
Rajasthan GSM Datacom Solutions
Rajasthan GSM Unitech Wireless
Rajasthan GSM Shyam Telelink
Rajasthan GSM Loop Telecom
Rajasthan GSM Swan Telecom
Rajasthan GSM Reliance Telecom
Rajasthan GSM Tata Teleservices
Rajasthan CDMA Reliance Communications
Rajasthan CDMA Tata Indicom
Madhya Pradesh GSM Bharti Airtel
Madhya Pradesh GSM Reliance Telecom
Madhya Pradesh GSM BSNL
Madhya Pradesh GSM Idea Cellular
Madhya Pradesh GSM Vodafone Essar
Madhya Pradesh GSM Datacom Solutions
Madhya Pradesh GSM Unitech Wireless
Madhya Pradesh GSM Shyam Telelink
Madhya Pradesh GSM Loop Telecom
Madhya Pradesh GSM AirCel
Madhya Pradesh GSM Tata Teleservices
Madhya Pradesh CDMA Reliance Communications
Madhya Pradesh CDMA Tata Indicom
West Bengal - A&N GSM Bharti Airtel
West Bengal - A&N GSM Vodafone Essar
West Bengal - A&N GSM BSNL
West Bengal - A&N GSM AirCel
West Bengal - A&N GSM Idea Cellular
West Bengal - A&N GSM Datacom Solutions
West Bengal - A&N GSM Unitech Wireless
West Bengal - A&N GSM Shyam Telelink
West Bengal - A&N GSM Loop Telecom
West Bengal - A&N GSM Reliance Telecom
West Bengal - A&N GSM Tata Teleservices
West Bengal - A&N CDMA Reliance Communications
West Bengal - A&N CDMA Tata Indicom
Bihar GSM Bharti Airtel
Bihar GSM Reliance Telecom
Bihar GSM Idea Cellular
Bihar GSM Vodafone Essar
Bihar GSM Datacom Solutions
Bihar GSM Unitech Wireless
Bihar GSM Shyam Telelink
Bihar GSM Loop Telecom
Bihar GSM AirCel
Bihar GSM Tata Teleservices
Bihar CDMA Reliance Communications
Bihar CDMA Tata Indicom
Orissa GSM Bharti Airtel
Orissa GSM Reliance Telecom
Orissa GSM AirCel
Orissa GSM Idea Cellular
Orissa GSM Datacom Solutions
Orissa GSM Unitech Wireless
Orissa GSM Shyam Telelink
Orissa GSM Loop Telecom
Orissa GSM Vodafone Essar
Orissa GSM Tata Teleservices
Orissa CDMA Reliance Communications
Orissa CDMA Tata Indicom
Assam GSM Bharti Airtel
Assam GSM Reliance Telecom
Assam GSM AirCel
Assam GSM Vodafone Essar
Assam GSM Datacom Solutions
Assam GSM Unitech Wireless
Assam GSM Loop Telecom
Assam GSM Idea Cellular
Assam GSM Swan Telecom
Assam CDMA Reliance Communications
Assam CDMA Tata Indicom
North East GSM Bharti Airtel
North East GSM Reliance Telecom
North East GSM BSNL
North East GSM AirCel
North East GSM Idea Cellular
North East GSM Datacom Solutions
North East GSM Unitech Wireless
North East GSM Shyam Telelink
North East GSM Loop Telecom
North East GSM Vodafone Essar
North East GSM Swan Telecom
North East CDMA Reliance Communications
North East CDMA Tata Indicom
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Bharti Airtel
Jammu & Kashmir GSM BSNL
Jammu & Kashmir GSM AirCel
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Vodafone Essar
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Datacom Solutions
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Unitech Wireless
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Loop Telecom
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Shyam Telelink
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Swan Telecom
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Reliance Telecom
Jammu & Kashmir GSM Idea Cellular
Jammu & Kashmir CDMA Reliance Communications
Jammu & Kashmir CDMA Tata Indicom

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