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SMSC Outsourcing @ SMSjunction India SMSC Server, SMSC Gateway SMSC SMPP, SMSC SMS, SMSC Software

SMSC outsourcing is the process to provide Mobile Operators with the functionality of short messaging without the need of buying a SMSC themselves. Its ideal to save cost & resources for the Mobile Operator.

SMSjunction provides the service of an SMSC and the needed interconnection with 450 Mobile Operators WorldWide. The SMSC outsourcing service allows the Mobile operator to concentrate on his main business without having to take care of SMS as a service. SMSC outsourcing frees up resources and allows Mobile operator to postpone the investment into their own SMSC.

Furthermore SMSC Outsourcing can be combined with the SMS Proxy service and SS7 Interworking service allowing Mobile Operator to terminate SMS to over 450 mobile carriers already today and gives the Mobile Operator the signalling link capacity to establish roaming with those carriers.

The customer has to interconnect to SMSjunction's international signalling service Interconnection to SS7 STP or MSC of mobile carrier with SMSjunction's SS7 over IP network.

The customer has to subscribe to the SMSC Outsourcing service This price is for SMS terminating in foreign networks are subject to exposure to interworking fees which is an agreement between the originating carrier and the terminating carrier.

SMSjunction Supports delivery to over 450 mobile carriers around the globe. Text messages, Binary messasges, Over the air configuration messages (OTA), Message waiting indicators, Numeric originators, Alphanumeric originators, Delivery reports, etc

Our standard service does perform up to 15'000 global title translations per second and message terminaton speeds in exceed of 200msg/sec. On input we recommend to allocate one 64 kbps link per every 40 msg/sec of speed you require. Setup time is minimal and the service is built on industry standard servers with full redundancy and security.

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